Hydro, the centrepiece of New Zealand’s energy mix

More than 80% of New Zealand’s electricity is generated from renewable sources. Wind power continues to gain ground, but water...

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The electric vehicle is heading for the mass market

Against a backdrop of charging stations operating at different capacities, obstacles to the widespread use of the electric car are...

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Clément Alteresco, founder of Bureaux à Partager Clément Alteresco, founder of Bureaux à Partager

Director of the VINCI Facilities brand Director of the VINCI Facilities brand

The workspace revolution

VINCI Facilities and Bureaux à Partager have joined forces to provide a novel real-time reservation...

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A citizen app, the entry to the smart city

Cities must address communication between citizens, elected officials, tourists, technical departments, and local businesses. Omexom offers the Connected Municipality Initiative...

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How Actemium helps factories make better use of their data

Actemium, the VINCI Energies industrial process brand, has created its own startup within Lille’s EuraTechnologies incubator to help factories make...

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The high-voltage Cross-Channel link accelerates the introduction of supergrids

The increasing share of renewables in the energy mix is prompting Paris and London to create very high capacity grid...

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