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The world is changing. And fast.

For VINCI Energies, the starting point for this new medium, named The Agility Effect, was a desire to look closely at world developments. And in particular at energy transition and digital transformation, concepts at the very heart of so many of these developments.

We believed it was necessary to explore subjects using a multifaceted, multidisciplinary approach, as a way to achieve a better understanding of the changes and needs at the city/building/industry level, and to measure the scope of the opportunities offered by new services in the energy sector or by information and communications technologies. We also felt it was crucial to see how changes take place, and how they transform and accelerate our environments ; to find out how, and through which players, innovation is brought to fruition most efficiently ; and to determine to what extent usage patterns are becoming increasingly important and are guiding our decisions. This new medium is produced for and with our customers and partners in an opened manner.

TheAgilityEffect.com is available online, and features new content every month. A selection of articles will be published in a magazine every 6 months, downloadable as PDF on this site and available also with a printed version.