No development without energy

Khaled Igué reviews the energy market in Africa; the continent must set out an ambitious energy policy if it is...

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Sodium versus Lithium

Whether they are based on lithium-ion or sodium-ion technology, tomorrow’s batteries are set to speed up the deployment of smart...

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Arnaud Burban Arnaud Burban

France steps up investments in telecoms infrastructure

As well as meeting operators' exacting network requirements so that they in turn can satisfy...

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The autonomous mobility revolution

Will our children need to sit a driving test? Nothing could be less certain.

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France aims to shine in the solar energy sector

The French authorities recently announced two new tenders for 1,000 MW of ground-mounted PV power plants per year over 6 years...

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The German government on the front line of energy efficiency

In an effort to achieve ambitious objectives regarding energy consumption and renewable energy, the German government has mobilised various players...

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