Urban lighting set to power the smart city

Electric vehicle charging, waste collection, irrigation management, parking space monitoring… a multi-application approach to urban lighting is gaining traction. Electricity...

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Should we fear the world ahead?

Does the development of artificial intelligence pose a threat to society and humanity? Is it inevitable that automation will destroy jobs? Will the Gafa(1) monopoly get the better of digital innovation? No, reply futurist Joël...

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The renewable energy challenge in Indonesia

Indonesia’s largest wind farm, scheduled to begin operating with Omexom in December 2017 in Sidrap, illustrates the renewable energy paradox...

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Data are central to a new balance in public-private exchanges

Digital platforms such as Airbnb, Blablarcar, Citymapper, Uber and Waze have disrupted the modes of...

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ITER prepares the replacement of fossil fuels

Bernard Bigot, Director-General of the ITER Organisation, explains the principle on which it is based, how it works, and its...

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Electric propulsion goes full throttle

Fuel savings, fewer emissions: electric propulsion systems come aboard.

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