Data are central to a new balance in public-private exchanges

Digital platforms such as Airbnb, Blablarcar, Citymapper, Uber and Waze have disrupted the modes of...

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ITER prepares the replacement of fossil fuels

Bernard Bigot, Director-General of the ITER Organisation, explains the principle on which it is based, how it works, and its...

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Electric propulsion goes full throttle

Fuel savings, fewer emissions: electric propulsion systems come aboard.

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Wind overtakes coal power in Europe

Wind has become Europe’s second-leading energy source, behind gas but ahead of coal.

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Lydia Babaci-Victor Lydia Babaci-Victor

The digital revolution: transforming the threat into opportunities

The new consumption and behaviour patterns driven by the digital revolution – the Internet, social...

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Taking back urban space is the key to community-building

In his book Hacker Citizen, designer Geoffrey Dorne presents 50 ideas for hacking the city and reappropriating public space.

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