Additive manufacturing is accelerating the industry of the future

Additive manufacturing, one of the many technological innovations making up the industry of the future, is booming. What does it...

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08 Jun 19 Jul

Building Beyond Festival: how will we build the towns of tomorrow?


From 8 June to 19 July, Leonard:Paris, the brand new co-working and meeting space created by VINCI in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, will host the Building Beyond festival, aimed at imagining the future of...

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Agile technology improves the 3D survey

Omexom’s universal, rapid Nomad Mapping System technology is used to perform highly operational topographic surveys for companies. Google and its...

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Stella Vie, the car that heralds solar vehicles

The solar family car concept developed by the Solar Team at the University of Eindhoven with the help of Axians...

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“The future of industry lies in adapting to on-demand manufacturing”

Nuscience, a company specialising in animal feed supplements, developed its ‘factory of the future’ , Belgium, in partnership with Actemium....

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How the logistics sector is optimising its performance

Faced with the need not only to increase order fulfilment speed so as to deliver as quickly as possible to...

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