When industry draws inspiration from nature

Nature has been innovating for the past 3,800 million years, providing today’s engineers with tried-and-tested techniques.

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Microgrids, a way of fostering energy transition in the electric power industry?

According to a study conducted by ENEA Consulting, the implementation of urban microgrids may be a promising development for current...

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Ten renewable-energy initiatives to watch for

Renewable energies are developing rapidly in Africa.

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Solar energy shines on Burkina Faso

The Zagtouli photovoltaic power station in Burkina Faso will increase the country’s electricity production while lowering cost.

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Chris Hutchinson Chris Hutchinson

An industrial revolution in electricity storage

UK industry is primed to capture the benefits of electricity storage, and the time to...

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Data center-powered hot water

To save energy and support the transition to renewables, buildings are installing data furnaces. Block diagram: heat-generating computer servers are...

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