Geolocation supporting better building management

How can geopositioning, geoguidance, geofencing and similar applications be used to provide customised services for building users and visitors? Easy:...

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Post-match: getting safely from the stadium to the underground

Tested successfully during the Euro 2008 championship in Vienna, the system regulating the flow of passengers towards underground trains on...

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State-of-the-art technologies improve power grid maintenance

In the Balearic Islands, Omexom has acquired a mobile laboratory that combines state-of-the-art technologies to locate faults in underground power...

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Redundant power for trains to ensure service continuity

In Switzerland, the ETAVIS company installed a redundant uninterrupted power supply system to secure train traffic and ensure continuity of...

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Buildings can tap into more than just one network to benefit from the Internet of Things

Solutions based on the Internet of Things and innovative networks like LoRa and PoE are increasingly being used in buildings...

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La Défense adopts hypervisor platform to streamline city management

The hypervisor developed by Actemium Paris Transport enables the operator of La Défense business district to view and correlate in...

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Smart cameras set to play vital part in assembly lines

Enhanced by artificial intelligence, visual recognition improves robot efficiency in assembly lines by moving closer to zero defects. “Hey! I...

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Edouard Henry-Biabaud Edouard Henry-Biabaud

Guillaume Garric Guillaume Garric

If it’s to remain attractive, the city of the future will need to be efficient

In a context of global competition, budget constraints and environmental concern, cities must adapt and...

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