How digital technologies are changing the Oil & Gas industry

In response to the sharp decline in the price of oil, the traditionally fairly conservative oil and gas industry is...

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Smart cameras set to play vital part in assembly lines

Enhanced by artificial intelligence, visual recognition improves robot efficiency in assembly lines by moving closer to zero defects. “Hey! I...

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Edouard Henry-Biabaud Edouard Henry-Biabaud

Guillaume Garric Guillaume Garric

If it’s to remain attractive, the city of the future will need to be efficient

In a context of global competition, budget constraints and environmental concern, cities must adapt and...

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Actemium optimises e-commerce logistics at Monoprix

Monoprix worked with Actemium to mechanise e-commerce order preparation, pooling inventory, halving delivery times, and improving the process. The Monoprix...

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Virtual and augmented reality: the obstacles hampering real deployment

Virtual reality and augmented reality have not yet seen widespread uptake in the industrial sector. Although applications are being developed,...

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What role does the aggregator play in balancing the grid?

To prevent power cuts during peak load periods, aggregators sell capacity guarantees to suppliers based on the amount of electricity...

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Cyber-security: Training people to thwart the new threats

Setting up a 360° security system can prevent ransomware from blocking servers or encrypting data until a ransom is paid.

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BIM for agile airport evolution

Collaborative BIM is provided in order to optimise management of airport installations throughout the life cycle of buildings.

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