By Marcos Salido, project manager at Actemium By Marcos Salido, project manager at Actemium

Retrofitting or the art of combining durability and performance

Retrofitting involves refurbishing all the internal components of a machine in order to increase its...

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The dual impact of AI on energy consumption in buildings

VINCI Facilities Solutions and its partner Dabbel are rolling out an artificial intelligence-based solution for monitoring energy use in buildings...

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Developing renewable energy infrastructure while protecting biodiversity

In northern Germany, Omexom has helped an electricity transmission system operator to carry out an innovative project with a strong focus on wildlife preservation.  The development of...

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Precision agriculture with IoT and AI

By combining the internet of things with artificial intelligence, an Axians business unit in Belgium has developed an application designed...

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Cameroon’s capital city adopts microgrid system thanks to Omexom

Yaoundé is implementing an integrated distributed power generation, storage and management system in order to ensure a secure energy supply for its street lighting assets,...

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Modelling sustainable mobility at neighbourhood level

A development scheme in the Les Lumières Pleyel district in Saint-Denis in Greater Paris is serving as a testing ground for the “lab recherche environnement”, as part of a partnership with...

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