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From decarbonising the economy and reducing the use of raw materials to strengthening cooperation between stakeholders in the value chain, the circular economy stands out as a powerful lever for transforming sectoral models in the face of the environmental emergency.

While there are many inspiring examples of how to implement a circular strategy, the challenge lies in capitalising on these experiences to accelerate the process.

Watch the replay of the round table organised by Leonard* for another look at the trends that could contribute to scaling up the circular economy.

With talks from: Olivier Genelot, CEO of VINCI Energies France Tertiaire IDF; Herve Grimaud, Chairman and founder of Proclus; Morgane Moullié-Chauvet, lead engineer on the “Adjusting to climate change – Climate energy” project; the Sustainable Real Estate Observatory; and Isabelle Spiegel, VINCI’s Environment Director.


*Leonard is the VINCI group’s future-oriented innovation platform.



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