data analytics

Covid-19: measuring, counting, checking

Measuring people’s temperature, counting footfall and checking mask wearing are the three pillars of the innovative technological solution developed by...

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AI: a new partner for fire protection in buildings

VINCI Energies has developed a new design assistance tool based on algorithms and learning through reinforcement. SprinkIA optimises productivity in...

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Buildings set to accommodate a mix of uses

From their lobbies and meeting rooms to workstations, smart buildings are fit for a wide range of purposes, benefitting regular...

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How the digital twin optimises warehouse logistics

The digital twin principle: simulate, analyse and optimise a process virtually in 3D and then implement it in the real...

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How simplifies IoT management

Axians offers industrial customers a cloud-based platform that enables them to monitor and manage the growing complexity of IoT system...

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Yves Pellemans, CTO Axians Cloud Builder Yves Pellemans, CTO Axians Cloud Builder

Data analytics and AI are key to the 21st century: so why wait?

There are a number of factors standing in the way of the deployment of large-scale...

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