VIPs, researchers, and business and opinion leaders share their take on news items or key issues about digital transformation or energy transition.

Should we fear the world ahead?

Does the development of artificial intelligence pose a threat to society and humanity? Is it inevitable that automation will destroy jobs? Will the Gafa(1) monopoly get the better of digital innovation? No, reply futurist Joël...

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Are smart grids the perfect solution for energy transition?

Faced with rising world demand for electricity, the need to control consumption, the depletion of fossil energy sources, and the growing call for renewable energy, power grids will have to adapt. Olivier Monié, Managing Director...

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Is innovation the enemy of maintenance?

Innovation is overvalued and maintenance often matters a lot more, according to Andrew Russell, Professor and Dean of Arts & Sciences at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica, New York, and his colleague Lee Vinsel. Provocatively...

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