From Proof of Concept to Proof of Value

To make the leap from the world of startups and innovation specialists and to develop fully in the industrial environment,...

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A chair in the jobs of the future

Quel meilleur point de vue pour déceler les emplois du futur qu’une chaire d’enseignement et de recherche? David Baudry de...

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AI at the heart of the factory of the future

Big data and artificial intelligence skills are in high demand to operate increasingly high-tech Industry 4.0 production facilities. Will AI save...

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Collaborative innovation accelerates 3D printing in factories

The Additive Factory Hub wants to remove the barriers to the standardisation of additive manufacturing, as Actemium is doing with...

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It takes agility to move a factory without stopping production

Actemium moved 100 production lines in Poland while managing to keep the machines running throughout the industrial transfer process. When...

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Rochdi ZIYAT, CEO, VINCI Energies UK & ROI Rochdi ZIYAT, CEO, VINCI Energies UK & ROI

Recruiting the next generation of engineers is a major challenge

European countries have a shortage of engineers and the United Kingdom is no exception. There...

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