Data on tap

In the Netherlands, Actemium is developing agile solutions based on digital data to optimise logistics and improve performance in breweries....

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Reducing costs and time-to-market with VR

Thanks to virtual reality, digital technologies are now coming into play early on in the vehicle and production line design...

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2010 – 2020: 10 years of transformation in the manufacturing sector

Digital transformation has accelerated in the space of 10 years, changing the equation in industry. A good number of applications...

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Reorienting ecological strategy

Through ecological reorientation agency “vingt & un vingt-deux” (21-22), Vincent Rabaron helps companies, including some VINCI Energies business units, to...

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Bruno Nicolas Bruno Nicolas

Climate emergency and production relocation: industry can be part of solution

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed priorities all over the world. The fight against global warming...

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