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  • Tencent set to build its smart city in the heart of Shenzhen

    Tencent, the Chinese internet and mobile giant, plans in the next 7 years to build a city of the future in the heart of Shenzhen (the metropolis linking Hong Kong to China’s mainland), where it is headquartered. Equivalent in size to Monaco, the new city is intended to enable Tencent employees to live and work […]

  • How does the silver economy fit with the smart city?

    Making smart cities relevant to an ageing population is a key issue for future regional policies, and one which start-ups have already been addressing. France is currently home to 1.5 million people aged 85 or over, with this figure set to triple in 30 years. In 2016, around 7,500 nursing homes welcomed more than 600,000 […]

  • Intelligent lighting solution drives smart city development in Germany

    Tested in Lemgo, the We-Light Open smart lighting solution developed by Omexom provides a permanent power supply for street lighting systems combined with a fine-grained control of city lighting. It also fits into the broader framework of smart city applications. When it comes to upgrading a city’s lighting system, installing LED lamps often tends to […]

  • Smart city and mobility: the major move to electric

    An article by our partner site Le Monde de l’Énergie The move from the internal combustion engine to alternative drive systems is under way. France, with Europe’s second-largest fleet of all-electric vehicles, is in the vanguard of the revolution. New electric vehicle registrations increased 25% in metropolitan France in 2018 and set new records, month […]

  • Is the crowd compatible with the smart city?

    The Agility Effect continues its investigations by talking with Mehdi Moussaïd, “crowd scientist” and researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin: how does the crowd fit in with the smart city, which seems geared to the reign of the individual? 12/12/2019

  • Solutions for processing smart city data

    How is data collected then converted into information that helps city councils make decisions? We look at its journey from the physical world (in the field) to the digital world (storage, AI, business applications, etc.). Data processing systems based on smart-type environments can appear truly baffling for the uninitiated. At the very start of the […]

  • Communication infrastructure for the smart city

    Fibre, WiFi, Lora, 4G, and soon 5G: which network is best for a smart, efficient, and well-run city? The best answer is a combination of networks converging in a data-sharing platform, based on the existing urban infrastructure, and focused on open standards. Fibre, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Lora, Sigfox, etc. Which is the ideal network for […]

  • Has the smart city seen its day?

    Understanding the destabilisation caused by the emergence of “breakthrough” players in the urban environment; overcoming tensions between the “magical thinking” about smart cities and the reality on the ground in cities; establishing a dialogue between governance and innovation… these are all issues raised in the study “Audacities. Innover et gouverner dans la ville numérique réelle” […]

  • A citizen app, the entry to the smart city

    Cities must address communication between citizens, elected officials, tourists, technical departments, and local businesses. Omexom offers the Connected Municipality Initiative app to help them make everyone an active participant in city life, facilitate access to the city centre, and ensure that the smart city benefits everyone.   Cities are not companies, but like companies they […]