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VINCI Facilities helped Unisys transform the working environment for its staff in Brussels. Now further projects are under way for the same client in Europe.

In 2016, IT services group Unisys launched a call for proposals to refurbish its Brussels head office, an approximately 10-year old building previously occupied by British Telecom and used until this point as the headquarters of Unisys operations in continental Europe. Now that it has been transformed, it serves as the Unisys head office in Belgium. VINCI Facilities Belgium won the tender in September 2016, with works running from January to April 2017.

According to Antonio Antunes, Real Estate Lead, Continental Europe, Global Operations at Unisys, “VINCI Facilities Belgium established a relationship of trust with our local managers and put forward interesting ideas in terms of collaborative working, like creating quiet areas for conference calls and optimising the use of existing furniture to streamline costs.”

Helping Unisys address space issues is a new task for VINCI Facilities. Because it is closely attuned to the use patterns of building occupants, it was logical for the facility manager to offer the client this type of advice and service. The presence of a facility manager coordinating all building services including cleaning, security, upkeep, catering, meeting room management, and visitor reception areas, as part of the contract with Unisys, means that space can be tailored to actual uses.

Beneficial effects for everyone

VINCI Facilities developed for Unisys a more pleasant and colourful working environment with more circulation areas and enclosed spaces for telephone calls, meetings, medical facilities, etc. These include acoustic phone booths, sound-proofed to avoid bothering colleagues during telephone calls, and collaboration pods featuring high stools and table-integrated screens where staff can converse during their breaks. “These enclosed spaces don’t interfere with the sense of openness. Wherever you are in the building, it feels open and bright, like a healthy environment,” says Antonio Antunes.

“Wherever you are in the building, it feels open and bright, like a healthy environment”

“We came up with a refurbishment project that symbolised Unisys’ company culture, incorporating elements of their identity into the office transformation,” points out Marnix Dejonghe, VINCI Facilities Belgium business unit manager. The refurbishment was received with enthusiasm by the 200 Belgian head office employees. Enhancing work spaces is a key concern for Unisys. With this new type of fit-out, the IT group aims to foster employee engagement, teamwork, and greater presenteeism through a more pleasant working environment.

On the back of the success of the Brussels scheme, further projects have been carried out for Unisys, for example a 260-employee building in Amsterdam and the refurbishment of the company’s European head office in London.