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The construction of electrical transmission lines is a booming market but also the source of numerous accidents. To reduce accidents in line construction, Omexom Brazil has introduced training aimed at assemblers and assembly assistants whatever their experience or training level.

Omexom Transmission Lines Brazil is a major local player in the construction of relatively short electrical transmission lines, generally between 10 and 100 km long. These projects require 10 to 12 months of work on average.

With demand in this market at a very high level, the challenge for Omexom lies in finding qualified personnel to work on these projects. As André Lamounier, Project Manager at Omexom – Sisnergy Soluções e Sistemas Integrados LTDA, explains: “Statistically, the stage of structures assemble in the construction of a transmission line is where the greatest number of accidents occur and also the most serious accidents.”

To address this, Omexom Transmission Lines, with support from Omexom Brand Team and Axians Portugal, has developed a complete training course for its tower assembly and pre-assembly teams.

Safety culture

The first session took place in March 2023. The three-hour course contains four complementary modules that include an introductory session, virtual reality familiarisation, awareness-raising videos and infographics. Each module covers a specific safety approach in the pre-assembly and assembly of the tower structures.

The aim of this training is not only to explain rules and procedures, but also to install a genuine safety culture in its participants, regardless of their previous experience and also to make them more aware of the activity risks in a safe environment before starting the activity itself.

By the end of 2023, 140 people had already benefited from the training

Another crucial consideration in developing the training was making it accessible to people with varying levels of literacy, which is a stark reality in Brazil.

This training helps illiterate people to access employment by ensuring that everyone can easily understand the activity, its risks and which personal protective equipment is needed to carry it out safely, whatever their experience or level of education. “The training is primarily audiovisual,” says André Lamounier, “With only a few written elements, which the trainers read out and explain.”

150 people to receive training this year

By the end of 2023, 140 people in three sessions had already benefited from the training. “The number of people to be trained actually depends on the number of jobs our business has to do,” adds André Lamounier. “This year, we will need to train around 150 more people.”

Among the projects for which the training was delivered, he mentions Umari-Riachão in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Campina Grande III-Extremoz II p/ Riachão II in the State of Paraíba, and Serra do Assuruá-Gentio do Ouro II in the State of Bahia. Each of these was an installation of one 230 kV electrical transmission lines.

Training available to the entire Omexom network

The success of this special training course could be reproduced throughout the Omexom network. “There have not yet been any training sessions outside Brazil,” says André Lamounier, “But the training is available from the Omexom Institute, so it can be used by any other business unit in the worldwide network.”