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In the most “connected” production plants, smart maintenance can help forecast failures and breakdowns by capturing and analysing data generated by production equipment.

What if we could prevent production shutdowns due to equipment failure and implement maintenance operations in accordance with the actual wear and tear on machinery? This forward-looking notion is far from being a pipe dream; in fact, foreseeing breakdowns and implementing preventive action are at the core of smart maintenance and predictive maintenance.

Predictive analysis is based on recent technology advances such as the use of smart sensors, increased storage capacity, network and database interoperability, and quicker data transfer and processing.

A just-in-time basis

By implementing these technologies as well as statistical and predictive analysis algorithms, we can determine the probability that failures will occur, plan accordingly to prevent incidents and breakdowns, and provide maintenance on a just-in-time basis. Instead being subjected to shutdowns, we can now plan for them.

At stake here are performance improvements in production, including extending the useful life of production equipment as much as possible, enhancing maintenance planning, optimising parts inventory, reducing maintenance costs, and preventing the incidents and breakdowns that lead to production shutdowns and loss of quality.

“The objective is to achieve zero shutdowns, zero defects”

“The objective is to achieve zero shutdowns, zero defects. The smart maintenance system helps to improve predictive maintenance and prevent problems rather than having to deal with them. The machines are providing 100% of what is expected of them, which is a boost to productivity,” states Aleksandar Maksimovic, Maintenance & Services Technical Manager at Actemium, the VINCI Energies brand specialised in industrial performance.

Anticipation, projection… smart maintenance is a proactive industrial approach that boosts performance and ensures peace of mind.