Hydro, the centrepiece of New Zealand’s energy mix

More than 80% of New Zealand’s electricity is generated from renewable sources. Wind power continues to gain ground, but water...

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Senegal opts for hybrid facilities to electrify remote regions

Omexom is to install eight solar power plants in Senegal within 10 months, seven of which will be combined with...

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Universities use digital technologies to boost their competitiveness

If they are to attract the best students and lecturers amid strong global competition, universities need to take digital technology...

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Smart BAS, a first step towards a building app store

The smart building is unthinkable without technical system interoperability. And optimum interoperability requires a library of digital services. Welcome to...

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Bruno Grandjean Bruno Grandjean

Smart industry will be driven by a management revolution

According to Bruno Grandjean, chairman of the federation of mechanical engineering industries (FIM) and chairman...

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How do you teach transformation?

In an increasingly complex and constantly changing world, one key objective is to provide ongoing training for employees, with a special focus on management staff. To achieve this, we need to explore new methods and...

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