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A wealth of information on digital transformation and energy transition right at your fingertips.

Telecoms: the new frontier for PMR networks

  Professional Mobile Radio networks provide national governments with secure critical communications. Evolving rapidly with 4G, and soon 5G, their ability to transmit complex data is attracting interest from industry, local authorities and the cultural sector.  

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Maritime transport on course for net zero

With a carbon footprint that accounts for 3% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, maritime transport is as polluting as air transport or the whole of Germany. However, cargo transport – 80% of which is by sea – still outperforms every other transportation system. The decarbonisation of shipping is therefore crucial. The UN, EU, national governments and other key players in the sector (shipowners, shippers, ports, etc.) are working together to accelerate maritime transport’s environmental transition.

The circular economy at the heart of environmental transition

With society under pressure from the climate crisis and the urgent need for energy transition, businesses are being asked to radically overhaul their design and production models. This major transformation includes massive adoption of techniques and materials that use fewer natural resources; systematic reuse and recycling of tools and materials; and widespread promotion of short loops.

Storage – accelerating the energy transition

The much-needed expansion of renewable energies, which are characterised by intermittent, decentralised production, has created a real need for increased electricity storage capacity. Technical, regulatory and economic obstacles yet to be overcome are holding back the rollout of new storage technologies.

Electric Mobility gathers pace

With technological innovation, changing uses and the necessary political will all coalescing, the future of electric mobility looks promising. With the thermal-engine vehicle’s disappearance edging closer every day, the brakes slowing the electric vehicle’s emergence as a product to transform usage are gradually being removed.