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VINCI Facilities and Bureaux à Partager have joined forces to provide a novel real-time reservation system that can be used to book workspaces and coworking spaces.

Current megatrends – constantly increasing property costs, lengthening commute times in large cities, proliferation of digital tools and interfaces and growing aspiration for better work-life balance – are all converging to bring about what futurologists long ago predicted: a revolution in our work, organisations and behaviour.

The shifting, multiple, virtual workspace is integrating added value and becoming a fully-fledged service offering

This revolution will start with space. The workspace – the single place on which we have built our concept of professional activity – will increasingly become a shifting, multiple and virtual space that is both fractal and fluid. In doing so it will not disappear, quite the opposite – it will expand, integrate added value and become a fully-fledged service offering.

From property management to facility management

Alongside this workspace transfiguration, another revolution is getting under way in the property ecosystem, where property management activities and capabilities are shifting to facility management. The activity is no longer confined to pushing back walls and moving partitions, but instead makes the most of the full potential of spaces to improve the real-time end-user experience according to user behaviour and requirements. To stay ahead of the curve in the transformation of the property activities, Bureaux à Partager, the leading coworking space company, and VINCI Facilities, the VINCI Energies facility management specialist, decided to combine their capabilities to deliver a common range of services focused on real-time reservation of available workspaces and coworking spaces.

Workspace and coworking space catalogue available in real time

Objective: to enable everyone travelling for work or working from home to use his or her smartphone or computer to access a very detailed catalogue of workspaces and the full range of related services and to make a reservation for the amount of time required.

VINCI Facilities brings to the service its expertise in the design, arrangement, management and coordination of corporate work environments for large users and its network of major accounts. Bureaux à Partager brings its experience in the design, arrangement, management and coordination of coworking spaces for SMEs and startups as well as its expertise in coworking space creation and marketing.

This novel range of services, which uses Bureaux à Partager’s Flex application, will be rolled out among Paris-area VINCI Energies employees to start with. Following that, VINCI Facilities will make it available to its major accounts and partners.


Clément Alteresco, founder of Bureaux à Partager

Director of the VINCI Facilities brand

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