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Bruno Grandjean Bruno Grandjean

Smart industry will be driven by a management revolution

According to Bruno Grandjean, chairman of the federation of mechanical engineering industries (FIM) and chairman...

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CES 2018: connected technologies are reaching maturity

Lydia Babaci-Victor, Director of Development and Innovation at VINCI Energies, attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, held...

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Smart cameras set to play vital part in assembly lines

Enhanced by artificial intelligence, visual recognition improves robot efficiency in assembly lines by moving closer to zero defects. “Hey! I...

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Big data supports artificial intelligence for business

Big data analytics is now key to driving artificial intelligence efficiency in business. Deep learning, machine learning, neural networks… artificial...

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Chatbots support “augmented maintenance”

Chatbots can help technicians and engineers to improve industrial equipment maintenance.

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