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By Yves Pellemans, Axians France CTO    By Yves Pellemans, Axians France CTO   

The data storage revolution in the age of data-driven businesses

One of the main challenges of the next 5 years for businesses and for any...

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In Germany, a new generation of carbon-neutral datacentres

With support from Axians, the German hosting provider Windcloud is making extensive use of wind energy to reduce its carbon...

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The importance of data storage in the pharmaceutical manufacturing system

IT plays a crucial part in the drug and vaccine manufacturing process, from development right through to production. The vast...

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Tackling the carbon footprint of digital transformation

At a time when we are seeing a significant increase in the environmental impact of digital technology, businesses must take their share of responsibility by focusing on green IT practices and adopting a “digital sobriety”...

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