energy performance

Spencer Thompson, Business Development Director, Omexom UK & ROI Spencer Thompson, Business Development Director, Omexom UK & ROI

Storage is at the heart of the energy transition

By storing energy, we can address the challenge of guaranteeing flexible and reliable supply from...

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From the “city of light” to “city lights”

As an indispensible part of the public space, light creates a hierarchy of urban spaces, and shapes user behaviour. Today...

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How statistics and dynamic thermal simulation support green building

Winner of the VINCI Energies challenge at the VivaTech 2019 conference, Helios Exchange aims to be the leading integrated platform...

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Brazilian energy market offers vast potential

Not only does Brazil enjoy substantial reserves of offshore oil, it also shows vast potential in terms of renewable energy...

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The energy performance of the building is bound up with that of the city

New local-level energy generation and consumption practices give the building and its end users an active role in a dialogue...

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How Belgium is overhauling its hospital system

The Belgian government has launched a major overhaul of its hospital system, involving mergers, upgrades and savings. Something that should...

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