Industry 4.0

By Marcos Salido, project manager at Actemium By Marcos Salido, project manager at Actemium

Retrofitting or the art of combining durability and performance

Retrofitting involves refurbishing all the internal components of a machine in order to increase its...

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Welcome to the modular factory

The latest Hannover Messe trade fair shone a spotlight on several innovations aimed at making production plant more flexible and...

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How holograms are restyling the customer experience

Actemium Bordeaux Energies et Services has been using 3D holograms since the end of 2020. The technological innovation gives clients...

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Precision agriculture with IoT and AI

By combining the internet of things with artificial intelligence, an Axians business unit in Belgium has developed an application designed...

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The challenges facing electric mobility

Manufacturers and public authorities are taking steps to support electric mobility, with many challenges still to be met in terms of supply infrastructure,...

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