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The recent Smart Building Lab pilot projects undertaken by VINCI Facilities and Accenture have – through ad hoc services – provided answers to the problems faced by the occupants of four buildings.
“Smart Building Lab” – that is the name of the innovation accelerator implemented by VINCI Facilities, one of the five VINCI Energies and Accenture international brands.

It is designed to imagine new services to respond to the expectations of building occupants, including issues such as configuring collaborative workplaces, geolocation, simplified mobility solutions, and well-being.

“Our vocation is to help our clients optimise their buildings’ service potential, and control energy consumption and operating costs”

But that’s not all. The Smart Building Lab is also designed to find solutions to optimise energy efficiency and building management systems.

“Our vocation is to help our clients optimise their buildings’ service potential, extend their useful life, and control energy consumption and operating costs,” states Philippe Conus, Brand Director, VINCI Facilities.

The initial work carried out at the Smart Building Lab, as part of tests and demonstrations, has led to operating services and solutions that provide an answer to the tangible problems faced by building occupants.

First, at the EDF’s Le Galion site in Tours, a remote energy and building monitoring system was installed, with assistance from off-site experts, to provide better control over energy consumption and comfort as well as more effective follow-up.

In addition, an e-concierge accessed via a dedicated client space, was developed on a digital platform to facilitate the purchase of services and food products. Moreover, the car park was redesigned and fitted with a badge-scanning system, a QR code system for visitors, and a guidance app that tracks parking-space occupancy.

At the Thales site in Limours, collaborative workplaces were also redesigned to accommodate clients’ increasingly agile work methods.

For Société Générale, we developed an easy-to-use mobile app to manage access to private parking spaces at La Défense and to restaurants in the area.

Digital technology and service design

By fostering digital technology and optimising user experience, the Smart Building Lab is speeding up the transformation of many day-to-day services. “We are glad to be working closely with VINCI Facilities to build the Facility Management of the future – the digital wave is transforming all of these business lines,” points out Grégory Christophe, Executive Director, Accenture Consulting in charge of the construction sector and Facility Management in France.

He adds: “We have relied on our expertise in digital technology and service design to support emerging value-added offers – and we’ve done this by making client experience the focal point of our approach.”