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Africa: new-generation energy

Africa lags in access to electricity but is fast catching up, especially in West Africa where a large number of projects are under way.

Morocco, a staging area for West Africa

VINCI Energies Morocco has become that country’s leader in rural electrification and is now exporting its know-how to West Africa.

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An electrifying continent

VINCI Energies and Omexom are participating in the major work of Africa’s electrification.

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Mozambique sets its sights on hydroelectric development

Omexom (VINCI Energies) is coordinating a rehabilitation project for two hydroelectric power plants in Mozambique.

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No development without energy

Khaled Igué reviews the energy market in Africa; the continent must set out an ambitious energy policy if it is...

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Ten renewable-energy initiatives to watch for

Renewable energies are developing rapidly in Africa.

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Solar energy shines on Burkina Faso

The Zagtouli photovoltaic power station in Burkina Faso will increase the country’s electricity production while lowering cost.

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75,000 solar panels to light up Senegal

Bokhol photovoltaic plant, inaugurated in October 2016, raises renewable-energy production share in West Africa. In arid northern Senegal, not far...

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Enhancing the efficiency of hospitals and healthcare systems

The consensus diagnosis is unequivocal: throughout the developed countries, healthcare systems face the enormous challenges of aging populations and the rising prevalence of chronic illnesses. These new issues are calling existing institutions and organisations into question – and foremost among them, the hospital at the heart of the system.

The new jobs at the heart of the transformation

Half of the jobs that will exist in 10 years do not exist today. This gives an idea of the scale of the transformation now under way. It will have an impact on skills and jobs in companies across all sectors of activity.

IA, cobots, datas… Human Beyond Digital

Not only has the digital transformation spawned a wealth of buzz words - cloud, big data, robots, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and more – it also feeds into the unshakeable idea that it involves competition between humans and machines.

Is Cybersécurity the achilles heel of the digital transformation?

Businesses, administrations and even governments are increasingly being hit by cyberattacks. No one can now claim to be safe.