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Find out how business and opinion leaders view agility and how it shapes culture, work processes and methods, and states of mind.

Emmanuel Vivier, a digital native from the word go and a co-founder of the Hub Institute think tank, views the digital transformation from the vantage point of an expert. He thinks the term “digital transformation” fails to fully reflect the change that is now under way and prefers to speak of “disruption business” since, he emphasises, what is happening is in fact not just a matter of web marketing, e-commerce and the like, but rather a comprehensive reframing of the rules of the game. “If you don’t adapt to the new reality, if you don’t change your business model, distribution and pace of innovation, you will be ‘disrupted’,” he says, in a warning more particularly intended for small and medium-sized companies that “have not yet fully grasped the magnitude of the change.”

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