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L’effacement, une solution agile face au risque de pénurie d’électricité

France’s power generation capacity will not be sufficient to meet the consumption peaks expected during cold spells (demand is set to reach 101.6GW at the end of the week of 16 January, while total capacity for the period is 87GW). To ensure power continuity for households, there are several solutions: imports, savings and demand side response schemes.

Demand side response is a high-tech solution which involves balancing electricity production and consumption. Specifically, power-hungry businesses and factories are incentivised financially to stop using electricity for a limited period of time; the unused electricity is then redistributed, powering millions of homes.

Smart Grid Energy, a VINCI Energies subsidiary start-up whose founder/director, Maxime Dauby, was a guest on BFM Business on Monday 16 January 2017, specialises in smart energy management.

>> BFM BUSINESS : 16/01 Good Morning Business : Maxime Dauby

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