What steps can be taken to accelerate Industry 4.0?

In a report on Industry 4.0 in France, the Institut Montaigne think tank concludes that there is a need to...

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PSA chooses the autonomous industrial cart to make its “code name K0” vehicles

At its Sevelnord manufacturing plant in Hordain, France, PSA worked with Actemium to introduce autonomous carts at two of its...

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It takes agility to move a factory without stopping production

Actemium moved 100 production lines in Poland while managing to keep the machines running throughout the industrial transfer process. When...

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MES serving factory performance

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES), a key component of Industry 4.0, is an IT tool used to manage industrial processes....

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Bruno Grandjean Bruno Grandjean

Smart industry will be driven by a management revolution

According to Bruno Grandjean, chairman of the federation of mechanical engineering industries (FIM) and chairman...

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