Smart industry

How holograms are restyling the customer experience

Actemium Bordeaux Energies et Services has been using 3D holograms since the end of 2020. The technological innovation gives clients...

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When VR accelerates industrial design

Digital twin technology is revolutionising the manufacturing industry by optimising the development phase of a project or even the use...

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“BIM for industry” gains momentum

Based on the BIM model used in the construction sector, PIM (Plant Information Model) is a digital mock-up that helps...

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Dynamic data, the key to effective serialisation

A serialisation solution developed by Courbon Software provides access to comprehensive information in real time for all players in a...

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Reducing costs and time-to-market with VR

Thanks to virtual reality, digital technologies are now coming into play early on in the vehicle and production line design...

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Bruno Grandjean Bruno Grandjean

Smart industry will be driven by a management revolution

According to Bruno Grandjean, chairman of the federation of mechanical engineering industries (FIM) and chairman...

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