By Yves Pellemans, Axians France CTO    By Yves Pellemans, Axians France CTO   

The data storage revolution in the age of data-driven businesses

One of the main challenges of the next 5 years for businesses and for any...

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Germany edges closer to being self-sufficient in green hydrogen

A floating photovoltaic system located in a lake in North Rhine-Westphalia is set to generate green electricity and hydrogen. The...

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Renewable energy: 5 innovative solutions for densely populated areas

Solutions are springing up all over the world to ensure that heavily urbanised areas can increase their supply of clean...

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Shade, air and greenery at the heart of Vienna, Austria

With help from Cegelec City Solutions, the Austrian capital’s public transport company designed and built a stylish, self-powered shelter for...

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The challenges facing electric mobility

Manufacturers and public authorities are taking steps to support electric mobility, with many challenges still to be met in terms of supply infrastructure,...

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How Sweden is disrupting the energy market

The Swedish market is one of the world’s most advanced when it comes to energy transition. Its ambitious policy notably...

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