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With successive waves of new technology, growing digitization demands and the shift into the cloud, datacenter environments are becoming increasingly complex. To give IT teams more execution power and an overarching view, Axians Netherlands offers GAIA, an end-to-end observability and IT-orchestration platform.

The GAIA platform developed by Axians gives IT teams total control over their hybrid IT infrastructure.

In computing, companies always have to contend with the weight of their history and development. Over the years, technological strata accumulate, making IT environments increasingly complex to maintain and develop.

The ongoing migration into the cloud in recent years adds a further layer of complexity. In the intermediate hybrid cloud phase, IT department teams have to deal with partly “on-premises” (on-site) and partly “cloud-based” environments. Not to mention the multicloud!

Axians Netherlands is offering to restore efficiency and give IT teams an overarching view, with GAIA, a full-stack observability platform.

With GAIA, IT teams have full control over their hybrid IT-infrastructure

Its “software-defined” architecture and “infrastructure as a code” approach make it possible to decouple application services and network layers from the underlying infrastructure.

With GAIA, IT teams have full control over their hybrid IT-infrastructure, complete with any bottlenecks and friction points. With this comprehensive information to hand, they can anticipate peak loads and devise optimisation plans to improve performance and reduce operating costs.

By monitoring a suite of indicators and metrics, it is possible to see how an application behaves and interacts with other components of the IT-infrastructure, with a view to improving the user experience. GAIA also uses artificial intelligence to optimize life cycle management of the IT chain, with ready-to-use scenarios and predefined governance and security rules.

World-class partners

To build this end-to-end orchestration platform, teams from the VINCI Energies ICT brand in the Netherlands combined and integrated services from leaders in the realms of networks, datacentres, data management, storage, monitoring, application performance management and virtualisation, namely Cisco, NetApp, Equinix, AppDynamics, Pure Storage, Microsoft and VMware.

“Basically, we are an orchestrator,” says Stefan Collet, Business Development Manager at Axians Netherlands. “Our goal is to ‘connect the dots’, connecting partner technologies into the best possible total ecosystem for our customers.”

The Gaia portfolio is aimed at companies with over 500 employees and extensive computing resource needs. “We’re talking about organisations in the middle of their digital transformation that aren’t afraid of managing their computing environment differently, in a more automated and intelligent way. They want more agility, more control and more power to execute”, adds Stefan Collet.

From health, public services and higher education to finance and manufacturing – numerous business sectors could potentially benefit. The main GAIA users within the IT department are IT managers, architects and DevOps experts. CIOs can make use of the platform as part of their cloud migration strategy, automation journey or cybersecurity policy.