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IA, cobots, datas… Human Beyond Digital

Not only has the digital transformation spawned a wealth of buzz words - cloud, big data, robots, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and more – it also feeds into the unshakeable idea that it involves competition between humans and machines.

IT departments more than ever serving the user

The role of the information systems department is now to support users’ digital transformation by providing the technology building blocks...

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Using big data to better manage energy

Digital technologies and big data can be used to better control energy consumption, a strategic goal of local authorities, and...

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Welcome to the augmented citizen

Notwithstanding a number of emblematic projects, the Smart City concept remains blurry in most French cities. Smart City technology appears to...

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When people regain control of tools

Jobs, skills, management, quality of life at work … in the digital age, the future of industry entails first and...

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The smart building, promising services with a human face

As far as the end users of office work spaces and the technical teams responsible for keeping them up and...

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Five benefits of smart buildings

The use of sensors in smart buildings helps to improve service-sector building management. Focus on five benefits provided by smart...

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Is Cybersécurity the achilles heel of the digital transformation?

Businesses, administrations and even governments are increasingly being hit by cyberattacks. No one can now claim to be safe.

Africa: new-generation energy

Africa lags in access to electricity but is fast catching up, especially in West Africa where a large number of projects are under way.

“As-a-Service”, the new reality

As-a-Service. The expression has become the credo of proponents of a new approach to the way in which relationships, information and business are balanced within companies. It’s a buoyant market, but one that is still developing.