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Electric Mobility gathers pace

With technological innovation, changing uses and the necessary political will all coalescing, the future of electric mobility looks promising. With the thermal-engine vehicle’s disappearance edging closer every day, the brakes slowing the electric vehicle’s emergence as a product to transform usage are gradually being removed. 

Rollout of electric mobility gathers pace

In a landscape in which multiple power outputs for battery charging are set to coexist, the barriers to electric mobility are gradually coming down, signalling the emergence...

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How the construction industry is becoming a pioneer of electric mobility

The VINCI Group is testing and developing wireless charging technology under pilot schemes taking place in Germany. The electric road, a smart system for charging electric...

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The challenges facing electric mobility

Manufacturers and public authorities are taking steps to support electric mobility, with many challenges still to be met in terms of supply infrastructure,...

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Eborn plugs into Easy Charge in France

A VINCI Autoroutes-VINCI Energies joint venture has been managing France’s largest network of charging points for electric vehicles since August 2020.  Set up in...

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Sweden: leading the way in low-carbon mobility infrastructure

Located on an island in the Baltic, Smartroad Gotland is a road capable of charging electric vehicle batteries via induction...

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Wireless charging, the way forward for e-mobility

EM Lyon Business School has opted to equip its campus with electric bikes that can be charged wirelessly. Alongside renewable...

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Cities speed up bus electrification process

Many cities in Europe, as elsewhere in the world, are turning their backs on diesel. Paris and Darmstadt are cases...

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Smart charging: the electric bus operator’s best friend

To meet the operational needs of transport companies engaged in the transition to all-electric, Mobility, a subsidiary of VINCI Energies,...

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What can be done to accelerate low-carbon mobility?

The transport sector accounts for a large share of greenhouse gas emissions. With climate change an urgent priority, what levers can be pulled to bring new travel modes, particularly electric ones, to a mass market? What is the role of the various stakeholders, citizens, businesses and communities?...

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Telecoms: the new frontier for PMR networks

  Professional Mobile Radio networks provide national governments with secure critical communications. Evolving rapidly with 4G, and soon 5G, their ability to transmit complex data is attracting interest from industry, local authorities and the cultural sector.  

Covid-19 vaccines: the pharmaceutical industry’s marathon

With the first vaccines now available as a result of international research carried out in record time, extensive vaccination campaigns have been launched in several countries. Manufacturers in the sector have shown great agility in this race against time. Pharmaceutical companies have had to reconcile speed with safety and compliance requirements across the whole vaccine manufacturing chain. At all stages of this exceptional process, VINCI Energies business units have contributed their respective areas of expertise by adapting to the specific characteristics of vaccine production. 


Could hydrogen be the energy transition’s new best friend? Green hydrogen produced from wind or solar power can accelerate the transition to an industry and, more broadly, an economy with a low environmental impact. The market conditions and technological advances are now in place.

10 sustainable efficiency solutions

Business units are now called on to combine economic efficiency and environmental sustainability, strike a new balance and achieve a paradigm shift. As we are all aware, this will require a fundamental change in our approach. Agility to achieve sustainable efficiency is the guiding principle at the heart of the VINCI Energies business model.