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The new jobs at the heart of the transformation

Half of the jobs that will exist in 10 years do not exist today. This gives an idea of the scale of the transformation now under way. It will have an impact on skills and jobs in companies across all sectors of activity.

A paradigm shift for companies

Digital technologies are reshaping employment. New jobs with a strong technology focus, which call for new skills, are emerging. Companies...

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Patrick Lebrun, Deputy Managing Director of VINCI Energies, analyses the changes taking place in expertise and business activities as well...

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The BIM focus of the building

The building industry, long considered conservative, is today integrating an increasing number of technological innovations. The construction and maintenance sector...

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AI at the heart of the factory of the future

Big data and artificial intelligence skills are in high demand to operate increasingly high-tech Industry 4.0 production facilities. Will AI save...

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A chair in the jobs of the future

What better vantage point from which to detect the jobs of the future than a teaching and research chair? David...

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Electricity suppliers energised by big data

The digitalisation of electrical infrastructure calls for new skills. Big data expertise is at the heart of this transformation. According...

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Rochdi ZIYAT, CEO, VINCI Energies UK & ROI Rochdi ZIYAT, CEO, VINCI Energies UK & ROI

Recruiting the next generation of engineers is a major challenge

European countries have a shortage of engineers and the United Kingdom is no exception. There...

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Could hydrogen be the energy transition’s new best friend? Green hydrogen produced from wind or solar power can accelerate the transition to an industry and, more broadly, an economy with a low environmental impact. The market conditions and technological advances are now in place.

10 sustainable efficiency solutions

Business units are now called on to combine economic efficiency and environmental sustainability, strike a new balance and achieve a paradigm shift. As we are all aware, this will require a fundamental change in our approach. Agility to achieve sustainable efficiency is the guiding principle at the heart of the VINCI Energies business model.

Agility makes itself heard

Voice assistants, a popular consumer product, have so far been little used in business environments. Yet already, a number of industrial and service sector activities are beginning to test the new human-machine communication interface.

Enhancing the efficiency of hospitals and healthcare systems

The consensus diagnosis is unequivocal: throughout the developed countries, healthcare systems face the enormous challenges of aging populations and the rising prevalence of chronic illnesses. These new issues are calling existing institutions and organisations into question – and foremost among them, the hospital at the heart of the system.