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Prior to Actemium’s production line project, the VINCI Energies industrial process brand had been assigned to another production line project for a large pharmaceutical group in late 2018. That line, built originally for another vaccine, has been converted in the meantime to manufacture a Covid-19 vaccine line.  

“We managed the entire ‘utilities’ distribution network and the HVAC installation with the specialist firm Hooyberghs HVAC, also part of VINCI Energies,” says Jan Meeuwesen, Client Manager Life Sciences at Actemium Herentals.

“Actemium Herentals handled clean room monitoring (temperature, pressure, humidity and particulates) with our EMS solution. In partnership with the business unit Actemium Digital Factory, we also managed the project to automate a vial loading/unloading and transfer system using Robotics and AGVs [automated guided vehicles]. It’s thanks to this close collaboration between several VINCI Energies business units and our partners that we were able to meet a very tight schedule.”