Battery performance is a key aspect of the electric mobility market. In order to defend its car industry while at the same time asserting its commitment to sustainable development, the European Union in 2017 launched the European Battery Alliance initiative. The SeNSE research project, initiated in February 2020, is part of the alliance. Rather than leaving this strategic sector to Asian players alone (who currently make up 90% of the market), the project aims to provide Europe with its own production capacities for next-generation lithium-ion batteries, which are consistent with the circular economy and clean mobility. SeNSE seeks to improve cell chemistry and the battery management system (BMS). Research will focus in particular on replacing the anodes with silicon-graphite composites and on reducing the amount of cobalt in the cathode. Managed out of Switzerland, SeNSE brings together 11 European partners representing 17 countries, including Swedish company Northvolt which plans to build two European gigafactories for lithium-ion batteries.