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“Until a few years ago, no one was interested in our work”, says Gaël Hamon, head of Art Graphique Patrimoine, the company that digitally scanned almost all of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral between 2014 and 2016. But today, the millions of items of digital data stored at AGP are the centre of attention.

The French government has asked the company to trawl its archives and build a 3D digital model, which among other things, will make it possible to study the wooden framework, since destroyed in the fire, in great detail.

The model will contain structured data making it possible to run simulations of reconstruction works, which cannot begin in earnest until the digital model is completed. AGP has worked on 2,000 buildings around the world, and its data notably enabled the reconstruction of Soissons Cathedral’s rose window after it shattered in a storm.


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