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How does a business choose the most appropriate AI solution from the vast range on offer? SECURE Systems & Services has designed an original approach: a POC that helps identify the proposal best suited to its needs.

In 2023, a company in the banking sector installed a new hypervisor for its new centralised security system, which integrates the variety of electronic security equipment used for its sites in Ile de France. The purpose of this platform is to improve the effectiveness and speed of the company’s site protection response; to rationalise ownership, operation, security and maintenance costs; and to optimise the ecological impact using intelligent solutions.

The security framework installed was to include a hypervisor to pull together a range of systems and equipment: a new VMS (video management system); more than 700 intelligent cameras; over 1,000 interconnected access points for badge-controlled access; audio communication devices, videophones and audible alerts; and intrusion detection and fire safety systems.

A VINCI Energies subsidiary specialised in protection for sensitive sites, SECURE Systems & Services was selected for this customer’s energy renovation and optimisation project covering the electronic security components in its centralised security system. To win this contract, in partnership with GTIE Tertiaire – another VINCI Energies subsidiary, this business unit based in Aix en Provence adopted an original method, implementing a POC (proof of concept) to select the most appropriate AI solution for video analysis.

“With this type of technology, it is difficult to choose this or that solution from a catalogue,” explains Alexandre Dulgherian, Business Unit Manager at SECURE Systems & Services. “We showed humility but also seriousness and diligence, offering the customer a qualifying phase comparing the full-scale solutions.”

Detailed comparative analysis

Engineering teams at SECURE Systems & Services tested three AI solutions, each in the same real-world conditions, against operational criteria defined with the customer beforehand.

“It is difficult to choose this or that solution from a catalogue”

“The three developers installed their software on a selection of pilot cameras corresponding to the use case the customer wanted to test,” says Alexandre Dulgherian. “At the end of testing, we provided them with a detailed comparative analysis, with additional criteria linked to the functionality of each solution, its degree of integration with the hypervisor, the type of technology used, and of course, its price.”

Two POCs were carried out in parallel, studying real-time and non-real-time image analysis respectively. Ultimately, the Two-i solution was selected based on its performance under real-world conditions, with the highest true detection rate, particularly on the automated security gate* double-pass detection filter. Two-I also impressed with its ergonomics, configuration possibilities, and statistical dashboard.

A universally applicable approach

“This digital decision aid tool will allow the customer’s security teams to manage multiple scenarios and alerts in real time,” says the head of SECURE Systems & Services, adding: “Not to mention that the use of AI has significantly reduced the project’s overall cost and environmental impact by reducing the need for cameras, communications equipment and related digital storage by over 50%.”

Building on this success, the VINCI Energies subsidiary has proposed the solution to another of its customers, a specialist in maritime services to offshore oil, gas and wind operations. “We are in the process of testing different solutions for automatically detecting situations that pose a potential risk to personnel safety,” says Alexandre Dulgherian.


* Unmanned bidirectional access control gate that can detect when two people attempt to pass simultaneously.